A PDF/Kindle library that includes many of the books that were authored by ministers of the Church of God in the early nineteen hundreds. These books were primarily published by the Gospel Trumpet Company and Faith Publishing House.

Most of the books were rebuilt and repaginated for ease of reading. These books may contain some grammatical and/or theological inaccuracies but are preserved for historical value and the spiritual edification of the body of Christ.

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Church of God Books

PDF / DownloadTitleAuthorKindle (.mobi)/ DownloadPublishedCategoryPagesSummaryKeywords
The Ten VirginsWilson, Ostis B.Kindle Book1982Parable32A heart-searching treatise on the significance of the parable of the ten virgins.ten virgins, Matthew 25, parable
A True Story In AllegoryJarvis, Lottie1920Christian Living44An allegory on the dangers of hypocrisy.hypocrisy, faithful
Memoirs of My Religious Life and MinistryYoungblood, John W.n.d.Autobiography48An autobiographical sketch of the religious life of Youngblood.ministry, religion, autobiography
Past, Present, and Future of the ChurchPruitt, Fredn.d.The Church96Biblical prophecy of the church - past, present, and future.church, paganism, Babylon, reformation, judgment, prophecy, Revelation
Remember Now Thy CreatorWilson, Ostis B.Kindle Book1972Youth24A sermon to the young people on remembering the Creator in youth.youth, Creator
The Great AbominationConnelly, Elsie F.n.d.Christian Living48Instruction on the outward appearance of Christian women.modesty, outward, appearance, women, hair
The Great SacrificePruitt, Fred1950Revelation40A message delivered at Monark Springs on the Battle of Armageddon.religion, truth, Revelation, Armageddon, prophecy
The ResurrectionPierson, J. H.n.d.Doctrine80Scriptural support and evidence for the doctrine of the Resurrection.resurrection, abundant, life
The Sin of TriflingBarton, Mrs. Samn.d.Youth40Accounts of the consequences of trifling.trifling, sin
The Watchman On the WallMurphey, Waynen.d.Allegory40An allegorical story of problems Redeemed experienced as a watchman.pride, watchful, allegory, watchman, redeemed
The Whole ManJoiner, Lottien.d.Christian Living84Instruction on keeping the whole body in subjection to God.body, subjection
Unraveling RevelationBridwell, A. Q.Kindle Bookn.d.Revelation44Unveiling some of the hidden mysteries of Revelation in history and prophecy.revelations, prophecy, woman clothed with the sun, bridegroom, church, organization, man child, red dragon, two witnesses, war in heaven, unclean spirits, frogs
The Instruction of YouthOrr, Charles E.n.d.Youth40Instruction for youth in the Christian life.youth, devotions, devotional, bible, Christian perfection, purity, lust, courtship, marriage, growth, instruction
The Second Coming of ChristMurphey, Willie C.1977Eschatology28Messages published in The Mission Trail concerning Christ's return.Christ's return, second coming of Christ, eschatology
Christian ConductOrr, Charles E.Kindle Book1903Christian Living56The plan of redemption and a guide to practical Christian living and conduct.salvation, Christian living, sanctification, holiness, husband, wife, children, integrity
Pasha (Greasy) Tichomirow The RobberLukesh, Charlesn.d.Story36A fascinating story of the salvation of a robber band.Pasha, Greasy, robber, salvation
The Great PhysicianNewman, Lucie1932Divine Healing (Story)36A faith-inspiring, true story of a miraculous healing.faith, healing
Availing PrayerMartin, FayKindle Book1929Christian Living148A call to individual and collective revival through prevailing prayer.prayer, power, faith
Remove Not the Ancient LandmarksWilson, Ostis B.Kindle Bookn.d.Exhortation36The importance of established landmarks of truth.truth, compromise, holiness, standard, ancient landmarks
A Missionary's Experiences in MexicoSheppard, Carrien.d.Missions72Selected stories and letters written while on the mission field in Mexico.mission, Mexico, missionary
A Saloonkeeper's Daughter SavedMackey, Berthan.d.Salvation (Story)16A booklet of a young girl's shocking experiences in a convent.convent, salvation
God Still Answers PrayerSallee, Irman.d.Divine Healing24A true story of miraculous healing from malaria.prayer, healing
From the Rockies to EgyptSass, Marie Pauline1962Missions52A narrative of the spreading of the Gospel in Egypt.Egypt, mission
Harry the NewsboyByrum, Isabel C.1926Children (Story)24Three inspiring short stories for children.children, story
The Infidel Doctor of SalemWilliams, Effie M.1931Salvation (Story)72A true account of a country doctor in Southern Missouri who finds salvation.infidel, country doctor
From Darkness to LightSamons, Mart1976Autobiography32A testimony of salvation and God's call to the ministry.salvation, ministry
Ask What I Shall Give TheeScanlan, Adan.d.Salvation36Lessons from the account of blind Bartimaeus.Bartimaeus, desire, needs, deliverance, hope
Pioneer Evangelists of the Pacific NorthwestGreen, John1940Autobiography132Experiences of pioneer evangelist John Green in the Pacific Northwest.evangelist, pioneer, northwest
An Appeal to ReasonPeek, Georgen.d.Revelation76Scriptural truth on the myth of a millennial reign.revelation, millennium, eschatology
Emma Bailey Seeks TruthHale, Mablen.d.Story36A true story of experiences in "Pentecostalism".Pentecostalism, tongues
From Rags to RichesSouvey, Sidn.d.Autobiography24Personal testimony of Sid Souvey of his deliverance from sin.deliverance, salvation
How to Live a Holy LifeOrr, Charles E.Kindle Book1952Christian Living164A devotional that stimulates zeal and growth in the Christian life.C. E. Orr, devotional, Christian growth, zeal, encouragement, holiness
The Gift of TonguesHarmon, George E.n.d.Doctrine32The truth and error of speaking in tongues.tongues, truth, error
The Hidden Life or Walks With GodOrr, Charles E.Kindle Book1908Christian Living160Biblical instruction on how to access the hidden treasures of God.devotional, C. E. Orr, hidden treasure
The One I Love MostCashio, Gladysn.d.Autobiography40A testimony of God's grace when faced with forsaking an unscriptural marriage.grace, divorce, remarriage, double marriage, marriage, autobiography
The Plan of SalvationWilson, Ostis B.Kindle Bookn.d.Salvation80Man's need for salvation and how to obtain it.salvation, sin
Guided By The Unseen HandAllen, Murphy1982Autobiography104Life and ministry of Murphy Allen.autobiography, Murphy Allen
Bible HumilityByers, J. W.Kindle Bookn.d.Christian Living48The riches of a life of humility and submission before God.humility
Memoirs of George E. HarmonHarmon, George E.1978Autobiography76Autobiography of George E. Harmon.autobiography, George Harmon
The More Abundant LifeOrr, Charles E.n.d.Christian Living36Abundance that Christ gives when one feeds on His Word.Christian, growth, abundant, life
A Sketch of My LifeHall, W. B.n.d.Autobiography120A young man's experiences of murder, prison life, conversion and much more.biography, salvation, ministry
Christ's Triumphal ReignRiggle, H. M.1930Eschatology36An explanation of the present reign of Christ.kingdom, church, millennial reign
Church of God Mission Work in IndiaKeiser, Dorothy1980Missions60Sister Dorothy's experiences on the mission field in India.missionary, India, mission
Considering MarriageKennedy, Margarettan.d.Marriage16Advice to young people choosing a life companion.marriage, young people
Courtship and MarriageWilson, Ostis B.Kindle Book1976Marriage16A message delivered to young people about courtship and marriage.courtship, marriage, young people
How to Resist the DevilPerryman, F. J.Kindle Bookn.d.Christian Living68Practical biblical instruction on resisting the tactics of the devil.resist, temptation, devil
Jesus is Coming AgainRiggle, H. M.1943Eschatology140Refutation of the millennial reign doctrine.resurrection, judgement, millennial reign
Steps HeavenwardBerry, R. L.Kindle Book1921Christian Living124Biblical instruction to the new convert.conversion, Christianity
The Value of a Praying MotherByrum, Isabel C.1911Child Training116Encouragement for the spiritual and moral upbringing of children.children, training
Was the Devil Ever in HeavenWilson, Ostis B.Kindle Book1970Doctrine32A clear biblical answer to the question "Was the devil ever in Heaven?"devil, heaven
The Dangers of Ben-OniesNewton, Richardn.d.Children28Taken from a sermon preached to boys and girls.disobedience, pride, temper, idleness, children
Living FaithStewart, E. Faithn.d.Missions (Story)196A record of miraculous events and healings in response to prayer.missionary, healings
The Family That PraysSamons, Toney & Jeanie2010Family116Teaching concerning the important God-ordained structure of the home.marriage, children, home
The Gospel DayOrr, Charles E.1904Church History512A trace of the Church of God from the apostolic era to the evening time.light, Christianity
The Secret of PrayerByrum, E. E.1912Prayer212Helpful counsel that speaks to the heart and soul regarding prayer.prayer, Christian experience
What The Bible TeachesSmith, F. G.1914Doctrine584A systematic presentation of the fundamental principles of biblical truth.biblical truth
How John Became a ManByrum, Isabel C.1917Children (Story)80Life story of a motherless boy, especially for children and young people.children, young people
The Secret of SalvationByrum, E. E.Kindle Book1896Christian Living304Keys to unlock the great storehouse of peace and happiness in salvation.salvation, Christian living
Biblical NuggetsWilkins, Brenda & Sorrell, Nelda2010Christian Living356Essays on how to be Godly wives and mothers in a modern world.women, encouragement
Heart TalksNaylor, C. W.Kindle Book1922Christian Living284A book designed to comfort, strengthen, and instruct.Christian life, instruction
Questions & Answers (Wilson)Wilson, Ostis B.2011Doctrine292Answers to frequently asked questions about Scripture and doctrinesquestions, answers, scripture, doctrines
The Christian ChurchRiggle, H. M.1912Church History492A biblical (historical) trace of the Church.church, biblical history, prophecy, revelation
Two Works of GraceRiggle, H. M.1900Doctrine84An explanation of two works of gracesalvation, sanctification
Bible Readings for Bible StudentsSpeck, Samuel L. & Riggle, H. M.1902Bible Study436Scripture references and comments on many Bible subjects.scripture, Bible study
Biography of G.W. WinnWinn, George W.n.d.Autobiography16Story of the life of George W. Winn.biography, slave, Guthrie
Birth of a ReformationByers, A. L.1921Biography500Biography of the life of Daniel S. Warner.biography, ministry, warner, Church of God, history
Christian BaptismRiggle, H. M.1908Ordinances268Vital Bible truths on the three ordinances the Lord instituted.ordinances, Lord's supper, feet washing, baptism
How I Got FaithBrown, Willis M.1923Autobiography204Experiences in the late ministry of a converted infidel.conversion, ministry
Only A ServantRoy, Kristina1900Christian Living92The story of the glorious conversion of an aged Jew.consecration, service, Jew
The Poorhouse WaifByrum, Isabel C.1919Story232A true story of an orphan who comes to know the love of God.children, biography
The Secret of the Singing HeartNaylor, C. W.Kindle Book1930Christian Living188Discoveries of true happiness amid troubling circumstances.happiness, experience
Evening Light Songs ConcordanceSmith, Clifford2003Concordance436An index to the hymns of the Evening Light Songbook.songs, hymns, evening light, songbook, concordance
St. Paul and His GospelTasker, G. P.n.d.Bible Study88A study for Bible students of Paul and his writings.Paul, epistle, missionary, bible study
The Bible - The Inspired Word of GodBliss, Earl B.n.d.Doctrine16A treatise on the verity of the Bible.Bible, truth, word of God
A Hive of Busy BeesWilliams, Effie M.1931Children (Story)132Enriching character stories for children.children, character, stories
Around Old BethanyBerry, R. L.1925Christian Living88A true-to-life narrative setting forth salvation and other Bible doctrines.salvation, doctrine
Biblical Trace of the ChurchSchell, William G.1893Church180A biblical trace of the church from her birth to the end of time.papacy, Protestantism, church
Our Darlings Bible ABC Book (scan)Byrum, Isabel C.1903Children72A book of Bible stories to go with each letter of the alphabet.children, alphabet, Bible stories
The Church of GodWarner, D. S.n.d.Church32Biblical truth on what the Church of God is and what it is not.Church of God
Trials and Triumphs of Eva GrantWilliams, Effie M.n.d.Story100The story of the trials and triumphs of a brave, young Christian girl.trials, victory, children
Whiter Than Snow and Little DotWalton, O. F.1937Children (Story)140Two stories. One little girl learns about Jesus and another little girl about death.children, stories
Food for LambsOrr, C. E.Kindle Book1904Christian Living118An encouraging book for the benefit of Christians young in experience.young Christians, victory, encouragement
Heavenly Life for Earthly LivingOrr, C. E.Kindle Bookn.d.Christian Living72Encouragement to live life at its best, fulfilling the purpose of God.salvation, holiness, influence
Helps to Holy LivingOrr, C. E.Kindle Bookn.d.Christian Living76Meditations for the Christian walk.holiness
Holy Spirit Baptism and the Second CleansingByrum, Russel R.1923Doctrine76A systematic theology on the baptism of the Holy Spirit.Holy Spirit, doctrine, sanctification
Just MaryWilliams, Effie M.1960Story100A true story of a young girl that suffered at the hand of a jealous stepmother.young people, story
Paula the WaldensianLecomte, EvaKindle Book1940Youth (Story)212An epic of faith and character that must be read by children and adults alike.courage, faith, children,
SanctificationByers, J. W.1902Sanctification124Clear, sound teaching on the subject of sanctification.sanctification, doctrine, Holy Spirit
Spiritual Paintings (scan)Penner, Minnie1965Poetry184A book of poetry.poetry
The Hero of Hill HouseHale, Mabel1922Story188A boy who is left with the care of his family after his mother dies.Story, Youth
The Key to PeaceMiles, A. MarieKindle Book1978Youth52Practical keys to Christian living for youth.peace, Christian living
To God Be the GloryJennings, Naomi1978Autobiography68The autobiography of Naomi Jennings.autobiography
Bible Chain of TruthMiles, A. MarieKindle Bookn.d.Children216Bible doctrines made clear for youth.doctrines, children, youth
David Livingstone: Missionary Explorer of AfricaKleeberger, Jessie1925Biography128Biography of David Livingstone.biography, missionary, explorer, Africa
Familiar Names and Faces (scan)Byrum, N. H.1902History296Photographs and history of the Gospel Trumpet Publishing work and gospel workers.Gospel Trumpet, D. S. Warner, history
How We Got Our BibleByrum, E. E.1905History60The author examines ancient Greek manuscripts and shares how the scriptures were handed down through the generations.Bible, manuscripts
Life Sketches of Mother Sarah SmithSmith, Sarah1902Autobiography52An autobiography of the life of Sarah Smith, a mother in Israel.autobiography, ministry
Life's Story and HealingsPoulos, Nellie1976Autobiography240Autobiography of Nellie Poulos.testimony, healing, autobiography
Mothers' Counsel to Their Sons (scan)Rutty, Jennie Carpenter1899Youth456A book of counsel for young men.youth, boys, instruction
Odors From Golden VialsOrr, Charles E.1912Prayer112An encouragement for readers to increase their desire for communion with God.prayer,
Parent and ChildByers, J. W.n.d.Child Training52Instruction for young parents.parenting, children,
Rays of HopeTeasley, D. O.Kindle Book1909Christian Living128A book of encouragement and help in fighting the battles of every day life.hope, encouragement
The Change in Little Yellow House (scan)Whitson, Sandran.d.Children (Story)28A short, narrative for children.children, parable
The Heavenly FootmanBunyan, John1698Christian Living44A description of the man that gets to Heaven.journey, John Bunyan, heaven
The Sabbath and the Lord's DayRiggle, H. M.1928Doctrine216Biblical history of Jewish Sabbath-keeping and its abolishment in the New Testament.Sabbath, Old Testament, Covenant,
A Letter To YouthTurner, Waynen.d.Autobiography20A warning to youth from a man on death row.youth, autobiography
Lest We ForgetEck, Margaret1977Autobiography100Encouraging life experiences of Sis. Margaret Eck and her family.autobiography, testimony
Life's Golden GleaningsStover, Ruby E.1973Autobiography128Life story and testimony of Sis. Ruby Stover.autobiography, testimony
Salvation: Present, Perfect, Now or NeverWarner, D. S.1895Salvation92An in-depth dissertation on the subject of salvation and holiness.salvation, holiness
Sketches of My LifePeek, George1939Autobiography126A testimony of God's grace and mercy.autobiography, salvation, testimony
The Battle of ArmageddonWilson, Ostis B.Kindle Bookn.d.Prophecy32A concise exposition of the Battle of Armageddon.Battle of Armageddon, eschatology, prophecy
The Double Cure or Redemption TwofoldTeasley, D. O.1916Doctrine116Full redemption by two works of divine grace.salvation, sanctification, redemption, native depravity
The Story of JosephMiller, J. R.1901Biography108Practical lessons from the story of Joseph.Joseph, Egypt
The Man of His CounselWilliams, Effie M.n.d.Salvation (Story)120A story of a man who finds true Christianity and follows the counsel of the Bible.man, salvation, counsel, Bible
The Biography of Bro. Alfred PetersonPeterson, Lucille1989Biography16Life experiences of Alfred Peterson.biography
The Last Willunknownn.d.Doctrine20Truths about the last will—the New Testament.New Testament, new covenant, seventh-day Adventists, Sabbath-keeping
Must We SinWarner, D. S.n.d.Doctrine28A conversation between Bro. Light and Bro. Foggy about the doctrine of living free from sin.sin, salvation, freedom
Pruitt Family RecordMiles, A. Marie1980Biography32Record of the Fred Pruitt family.biography, Faith Publishing House
Stop and ConsiderBeebe, Omarn.d.Exhortation32Consideration of various biblical truths.Bible, prophecy
The SabbathRiggle, H. M.1928(?)Doctrine32Scriptural evidence of the abolishment of the Jewish Sabbath.Sabbath, Lord's day, new covenant, Sunday, Saturday
The Corrupt TreeMiles, Anna M.1957Sin60Lessons on the fruit of the corrupt tree.youth, instruction, corrupt, young people
The Deacon of DobbinsvilleMorrison, John A.1910Salvation (Story)84A narrative that depicts the contrast between nominal and true Christianity.story, Christianity, nominal
Tim and His LampAlden, Isabella Macdonald1895 (1976 ed)Youth (Story)84A story for youth. Rewritten by Fern Stubblefield.youth, children
Martin Luther: The Lion-Hearted ReformerMorrison, John A.1924Biography92Biography of Martin Luther.biography, ministry
Charles H. Spurgeon: Prince of PreachersAdcock, E. F.1925Biography100Biography of Charles H. Spurgeon.biography, ministry
D. L. Moody: The Soul-WinnerRowe, A. T.1927Biography112Biography of Dwight L. Moody.biography, ministry
John Wesley: The Christian HeroEgermeier, Elsie E.1923Biography112Biography of John Wesley.biography, ministry
The Revival in Tin TownWilliams, Effie M.n.d.Story108A story of revival that brought God's love to a town of immigrants.revival, immigrants
Shadows of Good ThingsByrum, Russel R.1922Bible Study168A study on the typology of the Old Testament.typology, instruction, types, shadows, prophecy
Stories of Home FolksHale, Mabel1928Family216An encouraging collection of true short stories and experiences of home folks.marriage, stories, youth, family, children
Church of God DoctrinesCarver, Cecil C.Kindle Book1979Doctrine252A book containing the fundamental teachings of the Church of God.church, doctrine, teaching
The Problem of SinWilson, Ostis B.Kindle Bookn.d.Sin24A message preached concerning sin and its consequences.sin, salvation
Truths on SanctificationWilson, Ostis B.Kindle Bookn.d.Sanctification40Instruction on the truths of sanctification.sanctification, Holy Spirit, the Word
The Story of My LifeBliss, Earl B.n.d.Autobiography48Autobiography of the life and experiences of Earl Bliss.autobiography,
Sanctification and the Baptism of the Holy SpiritSmith, F. G.n.d.Sanctification36The Bible teaching of a second, definite work of the Holy Spirit—entire sanctification.sanctification, Holy Spirit,
My Peek Behind the CurtainHinderliter, Hilton1984Story56A report of the author's experiences behind the Iron Curtain.Iron Curtain, true story
From Sin to SalvationWhite H. W.n.d.Autobiography72Life experiences of H. W. White.autobiography,
What Is the Soul?Warner, D. S.n.d.Doctrine76A treatise on man's immortal element of the soul, the spirit, and the inner man.soul, spirit, D. S. Warner
The Redemption of Howard GrayNaylor, C. W.1925Salvation (Story)88True experience of a young man seeking and finding the truth of God's Word.salvation
Poems of Hope and CheerMurphey, Patsy1967Poetry100A collection of poetry originally broadcast on The Mission Trail.poetry,
The Ordinances of the New TestamentSchell, William G.1902Ordinances104Consideration of the three divine ordinances of Christ.ordinance, feet washing, communion, baptism
A Religious ControversyOrr, Charles E.1918Doctrine (Story)120A vivid explanation of doctrinal truth through a supposed conversation.doctrine, Christianity
Golden RaysPhillips, Ulyssesn.d.Christian Living144A compilation of articles bearing messages of salvation, exhortation, warning, and consolation.encouragement, exhortation
Man His Present and FutureRiggle, H. M.1903Bible Study176A treatise on man in his present state, between death and the judgment, and beyond the resurrection.humanity, judgement, resurrection
God's Will and How to Know ItNaylor, C. W.1925Christian Living180Instruction on how to know the will of God.God's will, obedience, submission
The Kingdom of God and the 1000 Years' ReignRiggle, H. M.1899Eschatology204A discourse on the kingdom of God and refutation of the millennial reign.millennial reign, kingdom of God, theology
The Holy Spirit and Other SpiritsTeasley, D. O.1904Holy Spirit256A treatise on the Holy Spirit and an exposition of evil spirits.Holy Spirit, evil spirits
Touching Incidents and Remarkable Answers to PrayerShaw, S. B.Kindle Book1893Story436A collection of stories about remarkable answers to prayer.answered prayer
The New Testament Church and its SymbolsPruitt, Fred1944The Church204The New Testament church scripturally revealed through symbols, metaphors and analogies.symbols, truth, church
The Pilot's VoiceByrum, Isabel C.1916Youth184A true story of a rebellious youth and God's faithful voice.youth, instruction, rebellion
The Beginning and The Ending of the Jewish Sabbath DayAbbott, Mrs. Samuel E.unknownDoctrine48Bible truths concerning the Sabbath.Sabbath, Jews
Truth vs. ErrorHarmon, A. E.n.d.Doctrine36Doctrines of the Word of God contrasted with teachings of various denominations.denominations, doctrine, Christian Science, Spiritualism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism, Unitarianism, sin, salvation, Holy Spirit, redemption, retribution,
A Fundamental DifferenceShoot, W. H.n.d.History48Points of difference between the Gospel Trumpet people and the Church of God circa 1913.doctrine, compromise, Anderson, Church of God, history, Gospel Trumpet
Old Paths vs. New LightPeek, George1970History52Areas of compromise in the Anderson Church of God in the early 1900's.compromise, Anderson, seminary, dress, music, Reverend, faith, history, Church of God
Gospel MannaOrr, C. E., Jarvis, Lottie L.n.d.Christian Living88A compilation of various writings originally published in the Christian Triumph.gospel, encouragement, exhortation
Adventures in the Land of CanaanBerry, Robert Lee1924Sanctification108An instructive allegory of true-to-life experiences in sanctification.sin, salvation, sanctification, Israelites
Adoniram Judson: Apostle of BurmaPercy, L. Helen1926Biography112Biography of Adoniram Judson.missionary, biography, Christian Heroes
Touching Incidents and Remarkable Answers to Prayer (Children's edition)Shaw, S. B.Kindle Book1895Children (Story)140Illustrated stories for children showing the beauty, power, and success of prayer.children, lessons, stories,
Roman CatholicismRiggle, H. M.1915Ecclesiastical148History, teachings, and practices of the Roman Catholic Church in light of the scripture.Roman Catholic church, truth, Catholicism
The Bible and How to Interpret ItTeasley, D. O.1918Doctrine168Explanation of the Bible as a book and the laws that govern its interpretation.Bible, God's Word
Christ's Second Coming and What Will FollowRiggle, H. M.1918Eschatology172The second coming of Christ, the judgement, and eternity.eschatology, judgement, eternity
The Sabbath or Which Day To KeepWarner, D. S.1899Doctrine200History and Bible doctrine concerning the observance of the Sabbath.Sabbath, Lord's day
Personal Experiences of S. O. SusagSusag, S. O.Kindle Book1948Biography220Experiences of a pioneer minister of the Church of God.autobiography, ministry, faith
Winning a CrownNaylor, C. W.Kindle Book1919Christian Living316A practical guide on how to live a successful Christian life.salvation, Christian living, regeneration, sanctification, sin, fellowship, backsliding, faith, trials
Camp Meeting Sermonsvarious1913History504Messages delivered at the Anderson, Indiana annual camp meeting in 1913.camp meeting, sermons
The Last ReformationSmith, F. G.1919Church208Scriptural solution to the question of the true church.church, reformation, history, prophecy
Evolution of ChristianitySmith, F. G.1911Ecclesiastical260The origin, nature, and development of Christianity.Christianity, religion, conscience, The Law, regeneration
Divine Physical Healing Past and Presentunknown1968Divine Healing372True accounts of miraculous divine healings.divine healing, testimony
The Gospel Guide BookTeasley, D. O.1918Christian Living204A compilation of answers to some common questions of the human heart.God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, sin, repentance, faith, holiness, human nature, sanctification, divine healing, church, prayer, second coming, division, kingdom of god, ordinances, resurrection, judgement
Highways and HedgesHenry, Grace G.1975Biography408A biography of the life and mission work of E. Faith Stewart.biography, missionary, India, Cuba
What About Man?Sorrell, Harlann.d.Poetry24A poem about man and the nature of his being.man's nature, poetry
James Hudson Taylor: Pioneer Missionary of Inland ChinaHunnex, Gloria G.1925Biography112Biography and missionary experiences of James Hudson Taylor.missionary, biography, China
Riches of GraceByrum, E. E.1918Christian Living196A compilation of experiences in the Christian life—A narration of trials and victories along the way.encouragement, experience, testimony
I Want You to Go to MexicoKelley, Opal Mackey1986Missions212The experiences of Sis. Opal Kelley on the mission field in Mexico.missions, Mexico, missionary, biography
The Better TestamentSchell, Wm G.1899Doctrine368Demonstration of the superiority of the Gospel over the Law of Moses.New Testament, Old Testament, Law, Gospel, Old Covenant, New Covenant, works, faith, repentance, salvation, sanctification
Bible Proofs of the Second Work of GraceWarner, D. S.1880Doctrine424Entire sanctification as a distinct experience, subsequent to justification.sanctification, grace, perfection, holiness
The Cleansing of the SanctuaryWarner, D. S. & Riggle, H. M.Kindle Book1903Church528The Church of God in type and antitype, in prophecy and revelation.Old Covenant, New Covenant, temple, sanctuary, priesthood, unity, holiness, popery, Protestantism, Babylon, seven seals,
Beyond the Tomb (scan)Riggle, H. M.1929Doctrine292Man—His nature, present, and future.sin, salvation, immortality, soul, spirit,
Errors of Russellism (scan)Forrest, J. E.1915Doctrine256Critique of the doctrines of Charles Russell, founder of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society (Jehovah's Witness).Russellism, Jehovah's Witness, kingdom of God, hell, salvation, end of time, the Trinity
God's Gracious Dealings (scan)Pruitt, Fred1933Autobiography500Autobiography of Fred Pruitt and the history of the publishing ministry of Faith Publishing House.Faith Publishing House, Fred Pruitt, history, gospel work, evangelism, biography
Moral Law (scan)Wilson, Clifford W.1997Doctrine324A theological treatise on man's fall into sin, and the journey that leads back to holiness.sin, morality, holiness, conscience
The Valley of Decision (scan)Henry, Grace G.n.d.Church52A warning to leave the deception of Babylon.church, warning, end of time, Babylon, paganism, Catholicism, Revelation
Home Training The Secret of Character Building (scan)Ervin, S. B.1912Family132Seven essentials of character building to impart in the home.child training, character building, family
True Stories For Children (scan)Sass, Marie Paulinen.d.Children (Story)100A collection of children's stories.children, stories
Light on the Child's Path (scan)Bixler, William A.1918Children (Story)134A book of inspirational stories for children.children, devotional, Bible stories
Behind the Prison Bars (scan)Byrum, E. E.1901Challenge154A reminder of our duties toward those who have been cast into prison.prison, testimony, capital punishment
The Man of Galilee (scan)Byrum, E. E.1907Youth180A narration of Christ's life in the exact words as recorded in the Bible.Christ, Christ's words, disciples, miracles, Christ's birth, Christ's death, resurrection
Startling Incidents (scan)Byrum, E. E.1915Miracles (Story)420Narratives of the dealings and deliverances of the Lord to those who trust in Him.stories, testimonies, deliverance
From Infidelity to Christianity (Google scan)Brown, Willis M.1904Autobiography364Life sketches of Willis M. Brown.biography, sin, salvation, testimony, ministry
The Grace of Healing (Google scan)Byers, J. W.1899Divine Healing345God's merciful provision for the health of His people.divine healing, faith, answered prayer
The Ordinances of the Bible (MSN scan)Byrum, E. E.1904Ordinances128Teaching which distinguishes between the Jewish ordinances and those of the gospel.ordinances, ordination, baptism, sprinkling, infant baptism, Passover, communion, feet washing, holy kiss, holy hands
What Shall I Do To Be Saved (MSN scan)Byrum, E. E.1903Salvation208Words of advice, warning, and encouragement to the unsaved, pointing out the way of salvation.salvation, sin, deception, Christian science, disobedience, judgement, obedience, mercy
Beautiful Stories From the Good Old Book (LOC scan)Byrum, Isabel C.1904Children (Story)328Bible stories for children.stories, Bible, children
Bible Readings for Bible Students (LOC scan)Speck, Samuel L. & H. M. Riggle1902Bible Study442Scripture references and comments on many Bible subjects.Bible study, Scripture
Beautiful Girlhood (Internet Archives scan)Hale, Mabel1922Youth234Encouragement and instruction for young teen girls.youth, girls, womanhood, character, purity
Bits of Biography (Internet Archives scan)Byers, A. L.1922Children (Story)168Interesting stories of interesting people throughout history.stories, biography, history
Happy Hours at Home (Internet Archives scan)Byrum, Isabel C.1914Children (Story)112Character building stories for children and youth.stories, character, children, youth
Life and Conversion of a Kentucky Infidel (Internet Archives scan)Brown, Willis M.1904Autobiography388Autobiography and testimony of Willis M. Brown.autobiography, testimony, salvation, ministry
Pioneer Evangelism (Internet Archives scan)Riggle, H. M.1924Autobiography378The life, observations, and experiences of H. M. Riggle.biography, experience, ministry
Trips and Adventures (Internet Archives scan)Byers, A. L.1918Children (Story)100Interesting narratives, adventures, Bible stories, history, etc. for children.stories, children, youth
Divine Healing of Soul and Body (LOC scan)Byrum, E. E.1892Doctrine260How God heals the sick and testimonies of miraculous healings.divine healing, salvation, consecration, faith, sanctification, testimony
Himnos de Gloria (scan)various1969Songbook156Una colección de himnos espirituales por los servicios generales de la Iglesia.himnos, Spanish hymns
Historical Geography of the Bible (LOC scanTeasley, D. O.1917History312A detailed look at the geography of the Bible.history, geography, maps
How To Conduct a Sunday School (LOC scan)Teasley, D. O.1911Instruction152Practical instruction on conducting a Sunday school class.Sunday School, instruction, teachers
India's Millions (LOC scan)Khan, A. D.1903Missions288An account of the land, customs, religion, and people of India in the early 1900's.India, missions, religion, customs
Kanisa La Mungu (scan)Warner, D. S.n.d.Church32The Church of God (Swahili)Church of God, Swahili
La Iglesia de Dios (scan)Warner, D. S.n.d.Church32The Church of God (Spanish)Church of God, español
Poems of Grace and Truth (LOC scan)Warner, D. S.1890Poetry364A book of miscellaneous poetry.poetry
The Gospel Trumpet Publishing Work (LOC scan)Byers, A. L.1907History100Description and illustrations of the Gospel Trumpet Publishing Company.Gospel Trumpet, history, publishing
The Great Physician and His Power to Heal (LOC scan)Byrum, E. E.1899Doctrine120Written for those seeking a knowledge of divine healing.divine healing, faith, laying on of hands
The Revelation Explained (scan)Smith, F. G.1908Revelation468A chapter-by-chapter and verse-by-verse commentary on the Apocalypse of St. John.revelation, prophecy, symbolism, papacy, Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, final judgement, seven seals, beast, dragon, new heaven, new earth
Selected Articles and EditorialsPruitt, Fred1955Doctrine316A collection of writings of Fred Pruitt.Faith and Victory, editorials, articles, Faith Publishing House, doctrines, encouragement
Mind the Little Things (Vol 1)Sorrell, Harlan2021Church History68A sobering look at the bigger picture (Church history and compromise).church, history, compromise, dress, tie, musical instruments, tithing, pacifism, Church of God, First Church of God, landmarks
Mind the Little Things (Vol 2)Sorrell, Harlan2021Revelation96A hindsight view of ninety years of supposed seventh trumpeting.seventh seal, trumpet, anti-cleansing, heresy, church, Revelation, Last trumpet, prophecy, history
Emmanuelvarious2021Songbook52A collection of sacred songs pondering the birth of our savior.songs, songbook, Jesus, Christmas,
Does Christ's Body, the Church, Exist as a Visible "Group"?Sorrell, Harlan2021Church32A biblical perspective of the inclusive and exclusive characteristics of the Church built by Jesus Christ.church, Church of God, group, visible, inclusive, exclusive
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