O.B. WilsonOstis Benton Wilson Jr. was born December 23, 1908 in Beaver, OK to Ostis B. Sr. and Mattie (Bolds) Wilson, pioneer ministers in the Church of God Reformation Movement. He died on February 18, 1993 at the age of 84. Bro. Ostis preached his first message at the age of 21. He served as pastor to Churches of God in Anthony, KS; Perlita Avenue, Los Angeles; Pacoima, CA; and Jefferson, OR. In 1964 he and his first wife, Opal, went to Nigeria, Africa as missionaries, where she died of pneumonia. He was active in the oversight of the Church of God in Shawnee, OK where he and his wife, Evelyn, lived until his death. Brother Ostis spent his entire life preaching, teaching, and ministering in many congregations throughout the United States. He was gifted of God and an esteemed minister, noted for his in-depth knowledge of the scriptures and his ability to preach in a clear, straightforward, and effective manner. His life was one of service to others, and he did so with humility of spirit and magnanimity of heart. Whereas his messages covered a wide range of subjects, his overriding theme seemed to center around Christian conduct.