Author: Michael Smith

We are individually and collectively desperate for the anointing of the Holy Spirit when we assemble ourselves together for worship service. I thank God for the presence of the Holy Spirit and for how He is still descending to meet with His children. Without the anointing of the Holy Spirit, we waste our time and are unedified. While the saints have taken the proper stand against entertainment and musical instruments in public worship, it is then glaring when a service isn’t anointed. We don’t want to use programs, entertainment, humor, etc. to fill in the gap. What we need is to seek God for more of His anointing.

Some measure anointing by emotion, charisma, or intellectual thought. While nothing is wrong with those things in and of themselves, anointing is simply the presence and approval of the Lord. We need to be careful that we don’t put God in a box as He operates and blesses uniquely in different services. Sometimes the service may be quiet and other times full of praise. Sometimes the preaching may be gentle and other times loud and bold. These are not indications of anointing or a lack thereof.

Anointing is the presence of God that ministers and touches the souls present in the service. True anointing cannot be manipulated or manufactured. Anointing comes when God’s approval is on what is being said and done in the order of the Spirit.

When the preacher or the singer is on display rather than God, the Spirit isn’t given full unction to anoint. When God stops getting the glory, the glory stops. Some might leave a service having ‘enjoyed’ it, but if it wasn’t anointed, there isn’t much lasting good accomplished.

When a man or woman steps outside of the order of the Lord in worship service, the anointing will be diminished or non-existent. This is why it is imperative that each one be careful to follow the leadings of the Lord.

There is a measure of anointing that comes when the truth is preached as opposed to error. But there is a greater anointing when the truth is preached as the Spirit dictates the time and place.

If we desire to see greater anointing and conviction in worship services and camp meetings, then there is a price that must be paid. People that live spiritually lax through the week should not expect to have the anointing of God when it is time to worship. Ministers and singers should not expect for God’s rich anointing to be on their ministry when they have been conducting themselves with pride and carnality.

While some may say they have never been in an unanointed service, I will freely acknowledge that I have. I exhort us in the fear of God to die out to self and allow the Spirit to have His way. When we do that, we will find that the presence of God – His anointing – is richer and more precious than ever before.



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