Author: René Smith

Listen to the full message to hear practical advise on how to make a plan in various areas of life: reading and praying, family time, giving/saving, consecration, communication, and our vows to God.


Monark camp meeting is the last camp meeting of the summer for us. It is easy to leave the meeting and go back to the same problems we had before. We are in the same old environment with the same temptations. God wants us to remember the things that He has given us. Growth doesn’t usually happen without a plan. We won’t grow by sitting on the couch.What did God talk to you about? It is easy to generalize, but God deals in specifics.

1. Write it down.

Sometimes it helps to write down the things that God has challenged and encouraged us to do. Put it in your Bible to remind you of what God is calling for in your life. Consider sharing your purposes with someone else for greater accountability.

2. Count the cost.

Many times the reason that people fall back and do not follow through on their commitments, is that they have not really counted the cost and made the full consecration. There is a cost to making commitments to God. In Luke 14 we read that you don’t build a tower without sitting down and counting the cost. People slide back when they don’t count the cost. Change is difficult and many times growth involves pain, however, our consecrations help us to grow more into the image of Christ.

3. Check up.

After a period of time, sit down and consider where you are. Am I still following through on what God is calling for in my life? Is my plan working? If, not, why? Having a plan is part of the discipline of Christian living.


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