Most people seek God.

They pray, even if not regularly, and with diligence. They hear and read the Word of God now and then. They also struggle against their sins. They deny themselves much enjoyment, which, as they realize, they cannot take with themselves if they are to seek God.

But, they experience nothing from God. They receive no peace, joy, nor power. They receive in general no answer from God. Theirs is a religion where only self speaks. God is quiet.


This kind of people will not turn themselves over to God. They are constantly negotiating about peace, seeking to get by with the least possible cost. Their religion or fear of God is a trying to keep God outside their inner or real life, which the Bible calls the heart in attempt to calm the deeply disquieted heart by a self-controlled life without being converted.

In other words, they seek peace without settling their account with God. They seek God’s grace without being willing to be converted.

Hear now what God asks of thee:

“Give me thine heart, and let thine eyes observe my ways.” Prov. 23:26. Let now thy Savior into thy heart’s territory. It is there HE desires to come. Go now and settle your account with HIM. Let HIM now speak to you about that which you hitherto have sought to hide from HIM. Let HIM talk to you about your heart’s hidden thoughts and lusts. Talk it out with HIM about your pet sin. You well know what it is. Let God into the secret room, the place where you have always denied HIM entrance. Do now what you never have done before: give yourself over completely to God. Cease your self-rule, and let God decide for you what is sinful and therefore must be disposed of in your life, and then, that which is according to HIS will put in its place! Then you will experience the hidden life with God. He will take you to Himself and talk with you in His quiet, yet gripping way.

He will speak to you about sin as well as grace. And don’t be terrified if HE speaks unto you about your sins so your soul trembles. Do not be fearful if HE takes much time (He will) to speak to you about your sins. He most assuredly will speak unto you about grace for you so you will believe, thank, and praise HIM. Take care that you daily open your heart’s hidden recesses for HIS searching light. The great challenge is found in Psa, 139: 23-24.

Dare you make it your heart’s prayer?

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