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Salvation / Eternity


Tract Title


A Christless Grave unknown
Are You Born Again? Fred Pruitt
Genuine Salvation John H. Griffith
God Values Your Soul Fred Pruitt
How to Get Saved Fred Pruitt
If I Die and Go to Hell, Who Cares? Arhie Souder
I am the Door unknown
I'm Glad I Settled it Last Night H. M. Riggle
Jesus' Coming unknown
Jesus Saves From Sin Fred Pruitt
One Week Too Late unknown
The Priest Who Found Christ Joseph Zacchello
Seven Sufferings In Hell J. B. Thorn
The Christian Life: How to Find It C. E. Orr
The Colonel's Word Will Stand H. H. S.
The Way Out Marie Miles
Time is Running Out unknown
What is the Cost? Fred Pruitt
What Must I Do to be Saved? unknown
What Salvation Is M. K. Jack
What Shall I Do to be Saved? E. E. Byrum
What the Bible Teaches About Repentance Ethel Meadows
Where Will You Live In Eternity? unknown
Whosoever unknown
You Can be Delivered From the Power of Sin Fred Pruitt
You Can't Do Wrong and Get By! Harvey Johnson
Your Life and Eternity Marie Miles

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Tract Title Author

A Sabbath Rest Fred Pruitt
Divorce and Marriage James R. Graham, Jr.
Giving and Receiving Fred Pruitt
Hard Questions for Seventh Dayists Selected
Meddling With the Scales C. W. Naylor
Mixed Marriages C. B.
Modern Pentecostalism L. D. Pruitt
Once Saved, Always Saved? unknown
The Meaning of 7 Churches Lawrence D. Pruitt
The Origin of Tithing W. M. Pettigrew, Sr.
The Battle of That Great Day Lawrence D. Pruitt
The Great Memorial Day of the Gospel H. M. Riggle
The Holy Ghost His Own Witness J. S. Robinson
The Rainbow Angel of Revelations Lawrence D. Pruitt
Reverend is His Name R. K. C.
The Sabbath Shadow Lawrence D. Pruitt

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The Church


Tract Title Author

Can You See the Church? Fred Pruitt
Christ and the Church L. D. Pruitt
Church Zeal P. D. Mathunny
Denominationalism Otto Bolds
The Church of God Fred Pruitt
The Church That Jesus Built Fred Pruitt
The Kingdom, The Church Fred Pruitt
Which Church Is Right? E. M. Zinn

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Tract Title Author

Believe God and Follow Him Fred Pruitt
Casino Gambling John P. Hansen
Did Jesus Wear Long Hair? L. D. Pruitt
Do Not Neglect the Children H. P. Huskey
Freedom From Worry Selected
If Jesus Came to Your House Lois Blanchard
Not A Word unknown
Prayer unknown
Talkativeness unknown
The Cobbler & His Guest unknown
The Devil's Convention unknown
The Devil's Best Tool unknown
The Incomparable Christ unknown
The Lord Seeth Not As Man Seeth P. G. Mickletz
The Preacher Who Wouldn't Do unknown
Victory unknown
Yield Not to Discouragement Fred Pruitt

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