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Tuesday Devotional

A personal relationship with God is the most important aspect of Christian living. It is a necessity to daily read the Bible and pray to maintain a victorious Christian life. It takes spiritual discipline and sacrifice, but the blessings and reward outweigh any inconvenience you may feel. Make it a daily part of your life to commune with the Lord.


Devotional News - 2008

We thank God for the new year that God has seen fit to give us. For over two years we have written or posted a new devotional for every Tuesday. For the present time, we are going to cease posting a new devotional. We are going to direct our time in other avenues. If the Lord burdens us to continue the devotional, we will resume it. The past years' devotionals can be found in the Devotion ArchivesIt is so important for each of us to maintain personal contact with God through prayer and Bible reading. Stay faithful to the Lord and let us ever walk in love, humility and in truth. May God bless you.


--Bro. Michael Smith


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