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Spiritual Sacrifices,

 Acceptable to God by Jesus Christ

Bro. Harlan Sorrell


Choosing a Marriage Companion - A Soul Issue

Bro. Michael Smith

How Can We Know the Truth? Bro. Harlan Sorrell
Beware of Dogs Bro. Michael Smith
Anointing in Worship Services Bro. Michael Smith
Come Out Bro. Michael Smith
Where is Your Heart? Bro. James Bell
Wilt Thou Be Made Whole? Bro. Michael Smith
From the Diary of D.S. Warner Bro. D.S. Warner
The Burden of Christ Bro. Michael Smith
The Visible Body Bro. Michael Smith
What is the Bible Name of the Church? Bro. Cecil C. Carver
What is the Church? Bro. Cecil C. Carver
Is the Church Building a Church? Bro. Cecil C. Carver
Who are Members of the Church? Bro. Cecil C. Carver
Where is the Temple of God Today? Bro. Cecil C. Carver

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